About Me

My name is T.L. Guan. I work as Information Security Engineer in one local (Malaysia) company. I am also a sole webmaster for raWPacket.org, involved in HoneyNet (MY) and HeX projects and recently joined HackInTheBox Capture the Flag(CTF) team. It is great to work with a few great guys in these projects.

Back in year 2006, I had the chance to get involved in network security and since then, it has become my main interest just because it is interesting and challenging. The main purpose of writing this blog is to record every thing which is related to network security. On the other hand, readers can point out the problems/errors that I have made.

You can contact me by either sending email to guantl [at] gmail.com, or join irc.Freenode.net, channel #rawpacket and search for guti-zz.