Say Hello to Network Security

I have been thinking of using what domain name for network security blog, but ended up using this domain.
Why this domain? Because it is my first registered domain name and it means GuTi (that’s me) feels sleepy all the time - zz.

This blog is going to be a place to keep my network security stuffs, and it will allow me to share some thoughts and experiences on system administration, scripting, and forensic related with others.

I am not a good writer, so this is also my best opportunity to improve my English writing skill.

Old story: Threats are everywhere, so having good security practices is very important to protect yourself, your private information, important data, business, website and so on.

Before I end this first post, I would like to say, or print “Hello World!”; (both say and print are available in Perl 6).

Oh ya, I hope I can celebrate birthday for this blog when it turns one year old (4 years later).


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