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HeX 2.0 - The Bonobo Released

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Finally, after months of efforts, HeX development team has released HeX 2.0 Live CD, codename The Bonobo. This new release includes various applications update and additional features, which you can check it out at raWPacket website.

We have already synced all the ISO images to various mirror sites, so you are able to get it asap. Other than the 3 mirror sites in HeX 2.0 Release page, you can also download the Live CD from additional mirror sites below:

Malaysia: (thanks to Zamri)

US: (thanks to enhanced)

Also don’t forget our new 2 very own HeX wallpapers, which can be downloaded here!

Join our mailing list or IRC #rawpacket on Freenode if you wish to ask questions, contribute ideas, and have fun with HeX users.

HeX 2.0R Preview

Monday, October 6th, 2008

We are uploading HeX 2.0 Release image to mirror sites now, it is going to be released in another few hours. I won’t reveal much information here, for the time being, check out the preview images.

HeX 2.0 preview

By the way, if you have not updated your Wordpress installation to version 2.6.2, you should do it now. The hacking attempts are in the wild. This is the screen shot I had taken before I updated it weeks ago.

HeX 2.0 preview